Everyone is exposed to some mold in indoor air. When molds grow indoors exposure is greater, which is unhealthy for anyone. People with breathing difficulties, immune system problems or allergies, are more likely to have ill effects. Infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly can be more sensitive to the effects of mold exposure. Some molds are more hazardous than others. Humans vary greatly in reaction to mold exposure, both as to quantity and species.



We use equipment such as Moisture Meters and a Thermal Imaging Machine to provide a complete inspection and testing for mold.  These inspections include:

  • Moisture assessment
  • Air quality sampling
  • Surface and bulk sampling
  • Microscopic analysis by a certified microbiology laboratory
  • Detailed analysis and reporting
  • Mold remediation consulting
  • Specification write up
  • Job oversite
  • Post Remediation Evaluation and Verification inspections